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Edge Storage

Sony and Milestone Solution Collaboration for Video Security

SNC Toolbox

SNC Toolbox is Sony's latest network camera setup utility software.


Sony's latest technology to produce images with an extremely wide dynamic range

Visibility Enhancer

Tone correction technology which optimizes contrast and make a scene more visible


Dynamic noise reduction technology utilizing 2D and 3D noise reduction methods adaptively to scenes


An IK10-rated camera can withstand an impact of 20 joules.

Tampering Alarm

Triggers an alarm when an attempt is made to tamper.

Advanced Audio Detection

Ingests the ambient sound level and frequencies, to establish a threshold over the ambient level.

Dynamic Frame Integration

Moving/still objects clearly reproduced; high sensitivity inherent in interlaced scanning CCDs.

Built-in IR Illuminator

Allows operation even in complete darkness (0 lx) without being noticed by the human eye.

Easy Focus / Easy Zoom

V-series and E-series, Sony Network HD Cameras can be installed quickly and easily.

Voice Alert

Network cameras/encoders with voice alert function can store the pre-recorded audio files.

Deciphering Minimum Illumination Specifications

Are you aware that there is no standard relating to minimum illumination in CCTV?

DEPA Advanced

Network cameras/encoders with DEPA Advanced technology trigger alarm based on user-defined rules.