Blue Card - Guard Tour Reader

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Main Features

BP-2002S/BP-2002F Guard Tour Reader employs inductive data collection (RFID), and single-chip manufacturing technologies. It conveniently operates without needing a button, and automatically detects and reads radio-frequency ID cards. The BP-2002S/BP-2002F product is used to collect relevant patrol information at set points such as route, guard, location, time, and events, then upload them to the PC for processing and verification. The main different between BP-2002S and BP-2002F is the BP-2002F has a LCD display window.


First-Time Usage

Before reading signal cards, first connect with the PC and start the software to calibrate the
reader’s internal clock. Wait until it automatically shuts down before performing readings. After
calibrating, please initialize the reader to make sure the reader does not have any useless records.