Magnetic AutoControl - Pedestrian MAGSTOP

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Product Description

The pedestrian retractable barrier series type MPR (Magnetic Pedestrian Retractable) is designed to control pedestrians entering or exiting restricted areas, usually under surveillance in low security situations. Personal surveillance is therefore recommended as the barrier can be breached. Three different models are available. The standard model has an aisle width of 520 mm and the wide lane disabled model has an aisle width of 960 – 990 mm. The construction consists of sheet metal housings that can be extended with intermediate parts to a user-defined line configuration corresponding to the needs, e. g. in case of a high throughput. The aisle is blocked by means of a retractable triangular wing made of an aluminum core construction covered by PU-foam. Alternatively an acrylic glass wing is available. After an opening pulse the wing retracts into the housing, consequently the aisle is completely clear. It closes immediately after passage or after an adjustable time -out. The opening and closing times of the wings are from 0,3 – 0,6 sec., dependent on the type of wing used.