Physical Access Control System

Spectra's Physical Access Control

From simple to critical, Spectra’s Access Control System, offers coherent security solutions. The system is configured for group and employee-wise door access regulations. With our access control system its simple and easy to meet compliance, gauge access levels and keep a watch on the number of personnel in your premises. It lets you offer controlled access to critical areas, thereby, ensuring higher safety of high value assets.

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A rapidly increasing mobile workforce demands smarter management of electronic identities. Being a comprehensive access control system it offers dual access verification for escort/custodian usage. It is an alarm embedded solution used for automated management of user identities. With reduced incidences of data theft or loss your organization gets the freedom to operate in an uninterrupted, secure environment.

Spectra’s Access Control System is easy to install, configure and use. It ably performs authorization, authentication and approval flawlessly for heightened business security. Extremely user-friendly in nature, the system is a self-sufficient framework, allowing user(s) to operate it on their own, without much help.

Key Features

  • Supports 30 Time zones, 250 time zones access groups
  • 4 Access groups per employee
  • Up to 1000 exclusive gate access rules
  • Access to premises based on active/resigned status of employees
  • Employee / group wise door access rules
  • Door wise local & timed anti passback
  • Provision for both soft & hard anti passback
  • Door Interlocking capability
  • User configurable GPI & GPO for integration with TPA
  • Dual access verification available for Escort/Custodian use
  • Room occupancy maximum / minimum limit, employee wise access limit to designated doors per day
  • Configurable floor access map for Security monitoring
  • 30+ Real time and parameterized alarms
  • Access control system can be integrated with ONVIF compliant surveillance system to enhance intelligence. Integration with Milestone surveillance system already in place.
  • Access Control system can get input from Fire detection system to unlock doors in affected zone and initiate emergency alarm system for evacuation.

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