Barriers – Boom / Flap / Tripod / Full Height Turnstile Solutions in Chennai

Barriers - Boom / Flap / Tripod / Full Height Turnstile

Boom / Flap / Tripod / Full Height Turnstile Barriers are used to restrict the vehicles or people from entering the restricted area with a permission either through access card or manual operation.

Boom Barriers

Boom barriers installed by Swipe Technologies is a bar or pole pivoted which allows the boom to block vehicular or pedestrian access to your building through a controlled point thus offering strong security at your premises.

Flap Barriers

Swipe Technologies makes your task easier by managing security and crowd management at the entrance in areas with high pedestrian flow with the help of automatic Flap barriers. It helps to control access, allowing only one person through at a time. They are commonly used in office and admin buildings, IT parks, large business facilities, industrial areas, etc.

Tripod Barriers

Tripod barriers can be used for access control and make life easier for reception staff at entrances to office and administrative buildings, industrial installations, banks, authorities, etc. They are quick, reliable and easy to use.

Full Height Turnstile

Full Height Turnstile are designed for pedestrian entrance control at high security areas, these turnstile gates have revolving doors which help regulate pedestrian flow.

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