Canteen Management System

Canteen Management Software

Spectra’s Canteen Management System helps companies to simplify their canteen management operations. By offering a solution which is easy to install, run and maintain. It supports a well-defined set-up supporting multiple users with discreet access allocation. The system bridges the gap between canteen and its usage, in a smart and effective manner, with an added advantage of going paperless, to manage excessive numbers.

The system gives the freedom to create activity-wise reports and logs for better management of day-to-day data. This information can be further split into employees, vendors, items, department-wise for better study and analysis. Its excel sheets are easy to transfer and can be used for comparative study. Along with a reliable integration with third-party payroll or ERP systems.

It increases speed and efficiency, thereby, making room for lot more transactions, on a regular basis. Our CMS user(s) enjoy the facility to work in a secure and trusted environment, without having to compromise on accuracy.

Key Features

  • Facility for both prepaid and post paid transactions
  • User configurable time zone based availability
  • Short keys for fast item selection
  • Prepaid balances and transaction-wise deduction
  • Inbuilt TCP/IP network interface
  • Vendor-wise reports for payable verification
  • Integration with payroll software for deductions at month end

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